Black Line

Visual Kei(Japan)

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About Black Line :

Black line was founded in march 2011 by Mikaru and Shyu (aka Denka), ex Dio Distraught Overlord.

They started their activity on december 16th 2011 at the "GLAMOROU NIGHT" event they organized at Otsuka-Deepa.

Black Line has a very promising start as their first concert was sold out.

after that, they made about 30 more concerts in Tokyo.

Their eagerly awaited first single "LEGNA" will be released in Japan on september 26th 2012.

Vocals : Mikaru

Guitar : Yudai

Bass : Jun

Drums : Syu

Black Line wants to be a new generation rock band.

The combination of the atmosphere Mikaru creates with his lyrics and particular voice, and the "Tight et Heavy" sound, results in an unique music.

They elaborate their music without genre or category limits. From up-tempo and hard, to digital and rock, by way of slow, we can see a lot of musical influences.

Their unique world, expresses itself through the visual, dark and beautiful like the classical visual-kei, but also the band’s own way, which represents the most intimate sides of the human soul.

So there is a neverending search of the answers to questions, beyond the extreme limit. This limit is called "Black Line", the name of the band.

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