Keisho Ohno

Japanese Traditional Instrumental (Japan)

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About Keisho Ohno :

Keisho OHNO is born in Niigata, a port city located north of Honshu, Japan. At the age of
eight, he started to learn the Shamisen under direction of Chikuei TAKAHASHI, disciple of Chikuzan TAKAHASHI, the master and founder of Tsugaru Shamisen.

At the age of twelve, he was granted the title « Natori » which allows him to use a part of his
master’s name when he plays. At fourteen, he was accepted amongst the « Successors of the
Chikuzen Bushi school ».

In March 2006, Keisho gave a live concert in the SXWS « South by Southwest » festival, one of the biggest festivals on the planet, following seven performances in five cities including
Austin, NY, Chicago, Auckland and Los Angeles for his first American tour. In the same year, he traveled to Berlin for his « Three days live » concerts, where he was welcomed by international medias.

Since February 2009, he has given his annual tour of Europe and mobilizes numerous spectators and press.

In Japan, Keisho made his major debut in April 2007 with his CD « Shamisen Tamashi -
Shami Spirit ». Continually collaborating with musicians from diverse backgrounds, Keisho
breaks the cliché of the traditional Shamisen and his exotic groove accents earns him the
recognition from numerous fans of all ages.

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