Lamia Cross

Dance-Metal (Japan, France)



About Lamia Cross :

In 2004, Lamia Cross, Japanese singer living in France since 1995 has created a duo with Fab on guitar in Paris.

Their music is a mix of Dance and Metal. With influences of ancient Japanese culture like Waka (Japanese Poestry) and Heavy Rock parts given by Fab on guitar. Lamia mixes different languages in her lyrics (Japanese, English and French) and sometimes she sings in ancient Japanese.

Known as the Japanese artist living in Europe, Lamia Cross is frequently asked by several events about Japanese culture, in France but also in Europe and in Morroco.

They also played as support band for Ra:In (Pata/Michiaki/Dai/Tetsu), Calmando Qual, Anli Pollicino, Loveless (Taizo/Nana Kitade).

At the end of 2012, Lamia Cross made a featuring with an other French/Japanese duo, Lutetia. Composed of Natsumi Hara on violin and Guillaume Draipe on guitar, this band mixes classical music with rock and progressive metal.

They released 5 tracks together which are available for legal download in december. These 5 tracks will be on the upcoming album on the 1st of may 2013.

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