Versailles – Philharmonic Quintet -

Metal, Visual kei (Japan)

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In March 2007, Versailles was formed by KAMIJO and HIZAKI.
They had a concept of a new band since Autumn 2006 and it practically took about half a year to find other members who could express their idea. The concept was The absolute formula of beauty and extremity of aestheticism. The duel guitar sounds like ivy of the roses which grown over agitate rhythm, Those sounds draw the story of "the descendant of the roses ».

As soon as Versailles appeared in YouTube on May 2007, the press from all over the world started to contact them for interviews or offering the shows. They turned down all the domestic offers and only answered to the overseas media.

In end of May, Versailles were interviewed for a German documentary TV program and it was picked up for Sankei Newspaper in Japan in June. Just after the newspaper was published, « Versailles Band » became No.1 searching keyword for the website, Yahoo! Japan. Since then Livedoor news , Yomiuri newspaper, Yomiuri TV, Fuji TV all reported about Versailles and they got a lot of visibility in Japan.

First release in Japan was DVD single « The Revenant Choir » and won No.1 for the most powerful visual-kei website, « visunavi ». Around the same time, Versailles got offers from four labels overseas. They chose CLJ Records from Germany and that contract made possible to release 1st mini album « Lyrical Sympathy » in both Europe and Japan at the same time.

January 2008, J Rock Awards for Best New Artist were given to Versailles.(This awards were made with three companies, JRock Revolution, Tainted Reality and Purple Sky) Also Versailles was introduced in Billboard, USA and were paid lots of attention.

They started to tour in Europe on March 28th 2008 and did six shows in five countries(Sweden, Finland, Germany, France and Spain) and received thunderous cheers from international fans.

On May 3rd, they appeared in the historical big event « hide memoril summit » at Ajinomoto Stadium and made commanding presence and played energetic in front of over 30,000 people for the first time. Then Versailles first palyed for one-man-show at Daikanyama UNIT ended in triumph.

Versailles had first exciting experience in USA to attend A-KON in May 29th -June 1st and did the very first show in LA at Knitting Factory.

On July 16th, the first full album « NOBLE » was finally released in Japan , and Europe and USA was followed afterwards.

In August, Versailles had to change their name due to trademark issue in the US. Then the band chose « Versailles – Philharmonic Quintet -" from fans nomination. The news was hugely spread and it was on Yahoo! Japan top news.

In October, Versailles made a second visit to USA for « anime USA » in Washington DC, and the day after the convention, the show at The Knitting Factory in NY was held. Although it was a one-man show, the tickets were sold out.

On December 23rd, a most expected show at Shibuya CC Lemon Hall was held and amazingly tickets were sold out. At the stage, KAMIJO annouced that Versailles would make a debut worldwide from Warner Music Japan in June 2009.

On August 9th 2009, Jasmine You passed away.

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