Story Seller


Rock (Korea)

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About Storyseller :

Storyseller started with this 4 female members under the name ‘Bloody Cookie’ at the beggining in Korean indie music scene.
They are making there own career with many concerts and gigs.
They changed thier name to ‘Storyseller’ in 2008.
They made their debut with 1st single ‘My Dear’.

Musics of Storyseller are always changing and progressing
through the 1st single ‘My Dear’ and this mini album Super Girls.

They are drawing the colorful stories with songs.
The freedom without conventional way of thinking and serious consideration about the world coming out with their music.

With this mini album [Super Girls] 2008,
the communication of music with people, Storyseller.
We hope they will be a strength in this tired music scene with too many idol music.

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