Gacharic Spin

Rock (Japan)

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About Gacharic Spin :

The band was born in 2009.

It is 4 lovely chicks:

Armmy, F. »Chopper » Koga, Tomo-Zo, and Hana.

Despite their Japanese fancy and kitschy look, their sound is powerful and aggressive.
Gacharic Spin music is original and the girls are very impressive technically. Since their debut, Gacharic Spin performances have been terrific and no other girls bands can challenge them.
First single « Lock On!! » was released on march 2010. And right after the band started touring all over Japan with sold out shows in several cities and Tokkyo Roppongi.
2nd single in june 2010 was followed by a long tour.
These jumping « riot girls » are becoming Big in Japan. It is time for them to hit the rest of the world.

Armmy (Vocals)

Powerful and exceptionnal voice for indie band. Frontwoman in several bands, she was awareded best singer by a venue in Tokyo called « O-east ». From folk to Heavy metal, her range of music is wide. She also works for a dvd magazine called « WE Rock »

F. Chopper KOGA (Bass)

When she was 17 a bass magazine noticed her. Then, she became one of the youngest slapper hero in Japan. She attracts attention with a very aggressive performance which is going upside her sweet face. Formely Signed major with her former band, she is really experienced with the scene and created her own style.

TOMO-ZO (Guitar)

She used to play in a professional group named  « Eu Phoria ». After the band split, she was engaged in Gacharic spin after audition. She might be looking like a doll, het technic is much better than strong metal dudes. She is also the youngest of the band.

Hana (Drums)

She started her musical carreer being a singer at Sony when 15. She can also play bass, but decided to rock the drums for Gacharic Spin. Multitalented and technically above the average, she was hired by Koga because all these activities and her excentricity. She is also a great composer.

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